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                           Every November, Live PC Give PC brings our community together through 24 hours
                           of extreme generosity. Children break open their piggy banks. Young people dip into
                           their savings. Businesses kick in matching grants. With everyone in the community giving
                           whatever they can, we’ve raised millions of dollars for Park City nonprofits. It’s how
                           we’re working together to preserve the place we love—so it will continue to thrive for
                           generations to come. Support us on this day by giving to your favorite nonprofit. You can
                           learn more at

                                                                                  SOLOMON FUND

The goal of the Solomon Fund is to facilitate access to sports and recreation opportunities
to create a more inclusive, integrated, and complete community. We would like to
see child participation in athletics reflect the diverse makeup of our town. Our goal is
to reach 21% Latino participation in Park City programs, mirroring the percentage of
students in our school district. Help us reach our ambitious vision of achieving integration
through recreation by donating to the Solomon Fund at


                         When the women and girls of Park City join together, they’re an unstoppable force—and
                         the Women’s Giving Fund makes it possible. With a mission of supporting women and
                         children in need, Women’s Giving Fund awards high-impact grants to local organizations
                         that are making a difference. But that’s just the beginning. With service and social events
                         throughout the year, Women’s Giving Fund is more than a circle of philanthropists. It’s an
                         entire community of women helping women. Become a member and vote annually. Visit

  Katie Wright, Executive Director . P.O.Box 681499, Park City, UT 84068 . 435-214-7476 . .

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