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Accelerating Park           Park City Community Foundation is creating an enduring
City nonprofit               philanthropic community to benefit all the people of Park City.
success with Expert         Give back to the community that’s given you so much. With Park City
Philanthropic               Community Foundation, you can make a real difference right where
Advisory Services           you live, work, and play.

Creating lasting            Park City Community Foundation began ten years ago and people
success for donors          sometimes still ask, “What do you do?” We bring donors, volunteers,
and charities with our      nonprofits, and all the people of our community together to make
Proven Financial            Park City a better place.
                            After 10 years of strong leadership, serving the needs of Park City, and
                            proven financial stewardship, our impact has increased substantially.
                            We are proud to present this guide to highlight some ways you can
                            support our work and that of other Park City nonprofits.

       Endowing the         CONNECT Executive Director Shauna Wiest provides support
       future of nonprofits  for Mary, who has a child dealing with mental illness.
       in Park City with    Photo Credit: Claire Wiley
       our Foundational
       Presence                                       LOVE THEM ALL?
                                                Give unrestricted funds to
        Succeeding in                      Park City Community Foundation
        taking on the
        big issues and                       
        causes creating
        Wide Community                                  Park City Giving Guide is a project of Park City Community Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 organization.
        Impact                                          All organizations featured in the Giving Guide are 501(c)3 organizations or are fiscally sponsored by a
                                                        501(c)3 organization. Park City Community Foundation retains 3.3% of donations made by check and
4                                                       5.5% of donations made by credit card to cover processing costs. Contributions are tax deductible to
                                                        the full extent of the law.
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